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Salon Ishi
When Zoe Saldana needs to make her hair red carpet worthy, she heads to ISHI. Dancers from American Ballet Theatre and the New York City Ballet go to ISHI to keep their hair looking great on stage and off. And Victoria’s Secret models visit this Japanese master to get their long locks ready for the runway.

Groove With Me
Groove with Me dance studioGroove With Me, Inc. is a youth development organization using free dance classes and performance opportunities as a tool to instill in young women the leadership, pride, spirit of cooperation, creativity, joy and discipline needed to confront the adversity in their daily lives and throughout their future development. The program seeks to decrease teen pregnancy, truancy, crime, violence, prostitution, substance abuse and gang related activity by nurturing youth, building self-confidence, offering positive choices, and providing a safe place to go.

Steps on Broadway
Steps on BroadwayFor over 35 years, Steps has offered daily professional and adult classes at all levels in ballet, jazz, theater dance, contemporary, modern, hip hop, tap, world dance, gyrokinesis, pilates, zumba, and yoga. Drawing on Steps unrivaled reputation as the studio where professional dancers choose to train, Steps’ Professional Training Programs, offers the dedicated dancer, domestic and international ages 17 and older, a variety of intensive guided study programs focusing on technique, performance and the business of dance. The School at Steps offers year-round programs for ages 2-18; and the Steps Beyond Foundation presents performances, films, and the Artists Talk Series. 2121 Broadway @ 74th St., NY, NY  10023, 212-874-2410.

Anthony Bellov Video Productions
Anthony Bellov Video Productions is the exclusive videographer of the New York Jazz Choreography Project.

Bob Boross
Bob Boross is a choreographer and teacher of jazz, tap, and theatre dance, and editor of Jazz Dance E-News.

La Salle Shoot
Jan La Salle is a talented photographer whose photos appear on this website.

Dancers Over 40
Dancers Over 40′s mission is to promote a community of support for the mature dancer, through panels, performances and other events to chronicle the History, the Legacy and the Lives of these artists.

Matt Ehlert Lighting
Matt Ehlert, lighting designer and technical director, made our shows look magnificent.

Motiva Web
Motiva Web provides web design and development services to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. We specialize in ecommerce, website localization and online marketing. We work with clients and business partners internationally.

Lucy’s Whey Carnegie Hill
Lucy’s Whey is an artisanal cheese shop and wine bar dedicated to creating an intimate food experience that educates, inspires and elevates hand-crafted cheeses charcuterie, wine, and beer.


Videos: Inspirational Jazz Dance Artists

We thought you might enjoy seeing some videos of dance artists who influenced and inspired some of our choreographers in the October 2016 presentation of the New York Jazz Choreography Project.


Audra Bryant
“I did a lot of research on classic 20s movements and steps to incorporate into “Speakeasy.” This video has a lot interesting takes on “flapper” dancing and was helpful in learning about the quirky style of 1920’s dance.”

“Generally speaking as a choreographer, I love subtle intensity. I love movements that are simple yet communicate much more than you would expect. It is up to the dancers to take a simple movement and enhance it with their own emotions, storytelling, and their individual bodies. That preference comes from growing up watching a lot of Bob Fosse, Paula Abdul, and Michael Jackson. The dance break at the end of Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” particularly stands out in my memory as choreography that embodies elements I admire.”

Kyle Weiler
“I was enthralled with the spirits of Bessie Dudley and Florence Hill, and sought to capture their joy in my work, “Sweet Tooth.”

Bobby Morgan
“This link is a video of one of my favorite pieces of Mia Michaels. She has inspired me a great deal even from a kid who used to watch ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ every week, I never really noticed how much she has influenced my ability and yearning to be artistically open with my expression, to make choices that do not fit a mold or match a mainstream standard. Through her expression she showed me that it is okay to feel emotions, to embrace who you truly are within your own individual flaws, and to stand proud of your uniqueness in a world where people are indoctrinated into being a perfect follower, rather than an innovative leader.”

 Svetlana Khoruzhina
“The precision and gestural nature of Bob Fosse’s choreographic language influenced me a lot, as well as the intensity and power of little movements in general. His contribution to jazz choreography is enormous, and especially his manner of working with isolations is just impressive–he often managed to say so much with a tiny, but strong and precise movement.”


Barbara Angeline
Barbara’s piece, “eat Crow,” is a tribute to Josephine Baker and includes dances from the 1920’s — Charleston and Black Bottom.

Bob Boross
Bob studied with Matt Mattox and is a teacher of Mattox’s technique. Matt Mattox as a dancer and choreographer in his piece, “Like Young.”

Bob was influenced by Mattox’s later style, which Mattox taught in this 1997 video from Bob’s Jazzart Workshop in Kentucky. The main dancer shown is Mira Kingsley, who is now an associate professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Tiffanie Carson
Tiffanie studied with Mike Esperanza (who is also a Jazz Project choreographer) and later danced in his BARE Dance Company. Here is Mike’s dance, “Obsessive.”

Crystal Chapman
Crystal’s piece, “The Rhythm of Life,” is in the style of Bob Fosse. Crystal, the Artistic Director of New York TheatreDance Ensemble, is an expert on musical theatre dance. Her video choice is “The Aloof” from the movie “Sweet Charity.”

Jeff Davis
This dance from “On the Town,” choreographed by Jerome Robbins, inspired some of the seductive and playful style in Jeff’s duet

Rachel Leigh Dolan
Rachel is influenced by old Hollywood musicals. “Cyd Charisse is a huge influence…in choreographing for a female. Her movement is sexy and classy and captivating.” This video is from “Singin’ in the Rain” featuring Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse.

Bill Hastings
Bill’s “main dude” is Jack Cole. He suggested “Beale Street Blues” from “The Sid Caesar Hour” choreographed by Jack Cole, who also performs with Chita Rivera

Svetlana Khoruzhina
Svetlana’s inspiration for her piece was Bob Fosse’s “Bye Bye Blackbird” from the musical “Fosse.”

 Cat Manturuk
Cat worked and performed in college with Billy Siegenfeld, who influenced her in the way she plays with syncopation. Here’s a video of “Getting There,” choreographed by Billy Siegenfeld for his Jump Rhythm Jazz Project.

 Kyle Weiler
A video of Bob Fosse’s first film choreography in “Kiss Me, Kate” helped Kyle develop his piece for the April Jazz Project. “I’m a big fan of the droopy, rounded shoulders juxtaposed with big accented external gestures. I played with that idea in creating the movement for “You Got Me.”


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